Purchased at our 2019 Cheyenne Sale!

2019 overall high selling horse and record high stallion!

Hello John,

?I never thought I was going to buy a horse when I first saw the ad of Jerry on the internet. I guess it was some kind of love at first sight because he kept getting on my mind and after several days, I decided to contact the Twombly family. Taking part in an oversea auction sale was quite something but John took a lot of time to explain me how to proceed.
I bought Jerry by phone sight unseen during the Cheyenne sale, on July 27, 2019. It took him a while to arrive in Belgium, because of a vesicular stomatitis outbreak, but during this long wait, John took really good care of him. Now my beautiful stallion has reached his forever home in Belgium! We directly created a strong bond and we really love each other. I am the happiest, but I believe he is happy as well. Jerry is perfectly healthy and has an exceptional mind. He is the kindest one, and he is always careful of me when we ride together.

On the ad, it was said that he is ?one in a lifetime? horse, and he really is. I am very fortunate. Although it seemed crazy to buy a horse from another continent, Jerry is the perfect horse for me. It was a journey in itself, but even though the distance may seem a real barrier, it was worth it. Next time I buy a horse, I will contact the Twomblys? again!

I want to thank John and his family again. You deserve your reputation, and I hope you will have many, many sales again in the future.?

Take care,


Purchased at our 2008 Sale.

Crown was a Twombly horse Dan found. John was just a kid, but could really get a colt going. He was started heeling was 3, almost 4 when we purchased him from Twombly’s. We’ve been sooooo fortunate to have purchased 5 from them. Crown turned into one of the very best head horses my husband ever owned. We lost Crown in January from colic. Our hearts are broken.

Cal and Vandee

Purchased at our 2019 Las Vegas Sale!

I have been riding since I was 3 years old. I started off doing western and english pleasure. As I got older I had decided that I wanted to start jumping, until I realized that it wasn’t for me and that what I really wanted to do was rodeo. In December this past year we went around looking for horses at sales hoping to find the perfect horse that would suit my needs. We went to the Twombly Sale and purchased Nickers. Nickers has been nothing but amazing. We have had zero issues with him. He has been started on barrels, and throughout his barrel training he has been nothing but willing to work, and has the best mindset. He is definitely ready for the 2020 rodeo season! We have taken him down to a local barrel race, and he didn’t even blink an eye. Nickers has been the best purchase out of every single one of our horses! We are definitely looking forward to future sales and future horses!


Purchased at our 2014 Cheyenne sale!

I contacted the Twombly’s when I made the decision to purchase a horse a few years after my horse of 33 years passed away. I had been in a serious riding accident years earlier and suffered a brain and spinal cord injury that paralyzed me for a time and kept me hospitalized for months. It took years of rehab to get to the point of being able to ride again.

I shared my story with John and told him I wanted a very calm, completely finished out reiner, preferably palomino and a gelding, but the horse?s mind was absolutely the most important thing. If I wanted to ride again and maybe even go back to competing, I?d have to really stack the deck in my favor with safety.

John found two horses he thought would be fitting for me and I ended up buying the horse he felt was the best fit. I bought Golden Bita Wimpy aka ?Bodacious? for that big powerful backside, in 2014 and have been in love with this horse ever since. I cannot express my gratitude and satisfaction enough about John?s recommendations and help in purchasing my little treasure, Bodie!


We love to see our horses go to good homes and this family from Kansas was no exception!

Thanks to Cusick Performance Horses for the photos!

Purchased at our 2019 Las Vegas Sale!

Kids have all ridden Gunner and they absolutely love him! Lots of good times ahead!

I have to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been getting to know you and your family. You all run a high quality operation.
Will see you all again next summer!

Thanks, Rod

We purchased 3 geldings from the sale in Las Vegas. We hit the jackpot! They all landed at the ranch in Texas sound and in good shape! We have thoroughly enjoyed riding them as much as we can! Special thanks to John for all the help he gave us!

Jerry and Gina

Purchased at our 2019 Las Vegas sale.

Mr Moo. Is a pleasure to have on our ranch. I spend time with him everyday even if the weather is a bit on the wild side. He follows me every where. loves attention. He is amazing to ride. Best money I have every spent on a horse. He is not just a horse but is becoming a huge part of my heart. My husband trusts Mr. Moo not to freak out even if ridden out alone. This is the perfect horse for me. Thank you Twombly Performance Horses.


We purchased Hoss at the Las Vegas auction and we wanted to thank you so much! The rain finally cleared out here and we got a little sunshine over the past few days. Our daughter Jillian was able to saddle up and ride for the first time yesterday, what a wonderful gelding. She has been showing cattle, lambs and goats for the past five years but has lot to learn as this is her first horse. We are fortunate to have some very good friends that know horses, they ride and show, and will start her out right!


I am so thankful for the Twombly’s! My longtime mare passed away a few years ago, and I was not sure I would ever own another horse. Being a ?little older? I needed a safe, well-trained horse with a good mind. Of course everybody advertises their horse like this, but few horses really are. Then my daughter found the Twombly’s online. The whole family welcomed us to the ranch to ride, listened carefully to what we wanted, and offered horses that would probably fit our budget. It took a couple years, but the Twombly’s were always helpful and found us the perfect horse! Minion is exactly as advertised – he is extremely well-trained, quiet and brave. I come home from work and jump on him bareback to get in some good ride time/therapy. He is calm and yet responsive to everything I ask. We were even opening and closing gates on our second ride. He has an amazing personality and loves people. Words cannot express how much I love this horse and how thankful I am for the Twombly’s! Thank you for everything, and we’ll be back for more horses in the future!


Purchased from us in 2009. High seller and second high seller.

I?ve bought two beautiful, well trained horses from y?all and highly recommend your horses.


I bought Sinder (Smokin Slide) in March of 2017. Since then I’ve been doing clinics with him and training him for the past two and a half years. I had a great experience with the Twombly’s. At many of the clinic or people stopping by asked where I got him from and I would tell the Twombly’s Performance Horses. Thank you again for allowing me to own a very special horse.


Purchased at our 2019 Cheyenne sale!

How do I begin to tell all of you how grateful I am. I was fairly intimidated about getting a new horse after losing mine of 13 years and he being my only horse for all that time. No words can express how blessed I feel that I met all of you and how generously you spent your time helping me pick out the right horse. Simply put, you genuinely cared that I end up with the horse that met all the criteria I set out to find. I would have never felt confident on my own to do all the work necessary to find just the right horse. I appreciate the dedication you have to learn everything possible about the horses you sell so that a new owner can buy with confidence based on your recommendations. I knew after talking with Alies and John that I was in good hands to trust them to lead me to the horse I was looking for and when I spent time with them and the horses before the sale I felt like they had my best interest at heart. My mare was the same horse the day she jumped off the trailer that I met at the sale and she is still the same today. My first ride felt like we had always been together. It was amazing the connection that happened. I didn’t think I would ever get that again, but through your knowledge and expertise of picking out horses that are safe, kind and willing it happened.

Jesse aka Tootsie is now the love of my life and I learned that secretly everyone at the barn snuggles with her especially the kids and she loves it. I had a barn member tell me she is now the barn favourite. No one passes by her without commenting on her sweet temperament and of course her good looks! She is everything and more that you said she is. Confident, willing and good minded. She fulfilled my wish list.

I look forward to many years with her and I’m pretty sure if she could talk she would say I’ve found my forever home. We will be back for another very special horse. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Dec sale.

With much appreciation.

Purchased at our 2019 Cheyenne sale!

Hi Alies!
He is doing SO well and settling in nicely. He comes to me when i call him already (well, most of the time, ha!) and is such a sweet guy! I’m VERY happy!


Purchased at our 2019 Cheyenne Sale!

Hi Ann. Just wanted to touch base and let John know how much we love Hansom. Ride everyday!! He?s an absolute sweetheart! Daughter home from Texas and we went out yesterday her 12 year old gelding blew up and Hansom did zero. Just waited for them to work it out ?. We?re so happy and I?m so in love with Hansom. Thank you!!


Purchased the 2018 Cheyenne top seller and the 2019 Cheyenne top selling gelding, along with two others!

Pictured (Jumba left 2019 sale) (Babu right 2018 sale)

?We have now participated in two Twombly Cheyenne sales and our trainer has visited the Twombly ranch in western Nebraska and enjoyed riding a number of their fine horses prior to the most recent sale. The horses have settled in beautifully … the Twombly family is excellent to deal with and we are most pleased with the overall experience and the new additions in our stables ….?

New Mexico

Purchased at our Cheyenne 2019 Sale!

Hi Twomblys! We’re loving Teddy! Thank you!


“Monster” is jumping for joy at his new home in Colorado! The OWN son of HF Mobster was purchased at our 2019 Cheyenne sale!

Purchased at our 2017 Las Vegas Sale!

Hi Alies… just wanted to let you know that I was not able to ride Maximus (Buckles) all winter due to many things but mostly because our winter in ny was brutal and this spring has been nothing but rain. I finally got him out…. did some ground work to see how he was feeling and then put a bareback pad/hackamore and off we went. He was great! Love this guy!
Love your new website.. looks great!
New York

Purchased at our 2017 Cheyenne sale!

Hi John! This is Pistol’s first ride after having 6 months off and he was a perfect gentleman! I love this little horse sooooo much and I’m so blessed to have him??


He’s been in my barn 8 years and he is still the best purchase of my life!


I thought you would enjoy these photos and videos. My daughter is on Rigger (July sale) and my niece is on Majestic (December sale) We love all of the horses we’ve gotten from you. Happy New Year!

Kansas buyers.

We are honored to have a couple of our horses, purchased by renowned thoroughbred trainer, Bob Baffert, become the pony horses for Triple Crown Winners, American Pharoah and Justify.?

?Dusky? purchased at our 2017 Las Vegas Sale!

2018 All American Quarter Horse Congress
Seismic Reaction owned by Katie and Dan Fox
Champion ? JR Ranch Riding??
NSBA Champion ? JR Ranch Riding
Res Champion ? Level One Am Ranch Riding (tied to win)
NSBA Champion ? Level One Am Ranch Riding

I have purchased two horses, sight unseen, from the Twombly Family, ?My Gun Is Custom? (Reno) in 2016 and ?Chex Burn N Rock? (Rangle) in 2018. Purchasing a horse without meeting and/or riding them beforehand requires a great deal of trust and confidence in the people on the other end of the line. My experience with the Twombly?s has been nothing short of exemplary.
I spoke with John, at great length, to discuss what I was looking for in a horse. He was open and honest about which horses he felt would best fit my needs. Both of these horses are everything they were advertised to be and more. They are both good minded, surefooted, biddable and have wonderful personalities.

Thank you to John and everyone at Twombly Performance Horses for bringing these two amazing horses into my family!



Purchased at our July 2017 sale!

I thought you would like to know that we are extremely happy with Miss Pearly Jane! She has been really well-behaved and is a joy to ride!

I ride alone all the time, so I am especially happy that she has no issue with leaving the barn and being alone on our trails. Pearly Jane has a ground-covering walk, is alert without being spooky, and is very sure-footed??and athletic. I am really enjoying riding her, and we?re getting along great!

Pearly Jane also is very intelligent, with such a sweet and funny personality. She?s well-mannered on the ground, in her stall, and in the wash rack. She lets anyone pet her and is very friendly. She gets along with our other horses, and she even comes up from the pasture when she?s called. Pearly Jane makes me laugh when she so deliberately and carefully unties herself!

You may be interested to know that Pearly Jane?s DNA came back five-panel negative. Our vet said that her x-rays are excellent ? even better than one could hope for. Her teeth were floated very well before we bought her; her worm count was zero; and my farrier loves her feet and manners. Everyone admires her beautiful coloring and adorable dorsal stripe. She?s a lovely mover and very well trained. Really, I could go on all day about Pearly Jane?s good qualities!

Everyone in your family is so very nice. Frank and I truly enjoyed working with you. We appreciated your patience, kindness, and candor. And, we appreciated doing business with a family that has so much respect for God and country. Thank you for selling us such a wonderful horse! We couldn?t be more pleased!


I?ve known for the last 4 years that I?ve wanted to buy a very special horse from the Twombly family, and this was my year! When I asked John Twombly, in April, to match me up with the right horse he certainly knew what he was doing. After watching videos and talking with John over the next couple of months I ended up with my favorites out of the ones he had recommended. I was then invited to thei?r Ranch to meet the horses and to ride them, so two weeks before the sale we hit the road to Nebraska. When we got there we were welcomed by the family and treated with the upmost respect and kindness. I can say that they genuinely care about their customers and they want you to have the right horse. I fell in Love with Pistol and bought him at the July (2017) sale in Cheyenne. He was perfect for me! He was a dream when I tried him out, and since then he is EVERYTHING John said he would be and MORE!!!! I Love this horse more and more every day! Thank-You SO MUCH John Twombly, and your Family, for helping me find my very special horse and my new Best Friend!


Record high seller!

I brought Reno (My Gun is Custom) from the Twombly sale a year ago. He had been every thing and more of what they said he was. I love him so much. If your looking for a good horse and honest people The Twombly?s are the ones! A special
Thanks to John Twombly

Halle, Maryland

Purchased from us in 2005!

17 yr old buckskin stud.
We?re keeping him FOREVER!!!
Angela Cissell, Kentucky

Purchased at our 2016 Vegas sale.

Gru, love him!

Bob Baffert, California

Cactus high seller at our 2015 Vegas Sale. Batman second high seller at our 2016 Vegas sale.

We have purchased two horses from the Twombly sale. We bought Cactus in the 2015 sale, and Batman in the 2016 sale. Both horses have arrived in perfect condition, and were very accurately represented by John. John was very knowledgeable about both horses, and spent a good amount of time answering questions and sharing information about them. We wanted a well trained horse with a reining background that could meet the needs of multiple riding levels, and we luckily ended up with two amazing horses that we love! Thank you for fairly representing your horses and pairing them with our needs.

The Peterson family, Wyoming

Twombly Performance Horses is Where It is Happening!!
In May 2016 I began looking for A horse for my grandchildren and myself. I knew we needed a safe, well broke, healthy horse. Our Trainer ,Cindy Norman, suggested I look at Twombly Family?s horses they would offer for sale in Cheyenne in their July Auction (she had no idea I would really buy one). So, I went to their site ?and it was ON!!!! I was mesmerized! One look was all it took! My husband said I had lost my mind but??quickly saw I was on a mission? we spent the next 2 months watching Twombly videos every spare moment we had? us and the grandkids? we were hooked!
As soon as I looked at the site I sent a message through Facebook and John Twombly contacted me? nicest guy ever? he has the patience of Job! Once I spoke with John on the phone the rest is History?
There are not enough good words to describe what wonderful, honest, people the TWOMBLY?s are and what fantastic horses they have to offer for sale.Not only are their horses the most beautiful around they are the most well represented!
Whatever they tell you a horse is or is not.. you can bank on it!!! The horse is exactly that and much more!
They do not leave anything undisclosed which I very much appreciated? I got EXACTLY what John said I would!!
John spent many phone calls and many hours talking with me and guiding me in the right direction to choose the correct horses to bid on and not only did I purchase one horse ,I BOUGHT TWO HORSES!
Cheyenne sale I got a the most adorable, handsome, sweetest, gentle gelding ever, Klondike? a chestnut paint? totally broke and kid proof .. we love him so much !! He is perfect!
2016 Vegas sale I got Winni, a Movie Star georgous mare who is beautiful beyond words and sweet as can be!!! Perfect for the whole family.. a dream come true? gentle and kind!! She turns heads where ever she goes!
Never in a million years did I ever dream I would have One Twombly Horse must less Two!!
Both horse I bought sight unseen, by phone and could not be more pleased !!! Both horses are awesome!!
I will be forever grateful to John and The Twombly family for their expertise, hard work, training, knowledge and honesty they put into each and every horse they Sale! They are truly devoted to their business and their customers.
You will never find more caring people nor more beautiful , well trained, well represented animals than those the TWOMBLY?s offer for sale?
If you have a chance to own one?. Go for it!
Reach for the STARS!
Consider yourself blessed?I do,I am the proud owner of two fine Twombly Performance Horses and have also made some great life long friends!!
Thank you folks!!!

Penny Parker,

All time high selling horse. Sold July 2016 sale.

Hi John! This is the boys first day out to a 5000 acre park near our house. He did wonderful. I love him so much and we have been having a great time together. Perfect match!
Hope all is well with you. I shall keep in touch. And if ever I know of someone who needs horse. Well a no brainier I would highly recommend you guys of course.
Have a good evening?
Take care


I purchased Toaster at your Vegas 2014 sale.
Not only is Toaster strikingly handsome, he is the best horse I have ever owned? Just press ?play.?
He was quick to bond, is fearless and all heart.
Toaster was not a high seller, but he is priceless to me.
The attached photo say it all: ?My boyfriend Toaster?

Nedge Drgastin
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Purchased at July 2016 sale.

Thank you for the awesome sale! We bought a gelding at last nights sale and took him straight to rodeo. He was used as a pick up horse and picked guys up off of the bucking Broncs with no problem. It takes a courageous horse to do that and he was amazing. You guys have great horses and represent them honestly! Thank you.


Purchased July 2016 sale.

?Metallic? and ?Wildfire?

Two great horses! Both are great minded and healthy. We wanted horses that were easy to use and pleasant to be around. Horses were accurately represented and professionally presented. Overall experience was great and would recommend Twomby sale to anyone.

Bob and Dee Hutchison DVMs

?Our experience with the Twombly family for our purchase of Gracie at the Las Vegas 2015 auction was exceptional! To say we are ?over the moon? with Gracie is an understatement! The Twomblys? talent, expertise, professionalism and attention to detail in preparing outstanding saddle horses is refreshing. They are true to their word and have provided us with a horse of our dreams. We can?t recommend them highly enough for a western performance horse. Gracie fits our needs perfe?ctly and has quickly become a cherished member of our family. We look forward to many happy years in the saddle with our lil? Gracie.?

Many thanks to all of you and thank you for a most gratifying experience!
Merlaine and Butch Peede

All time high selling gelding. Purchased July 2015.

We could not be happier. Bauer is awesome in every respect. I have never been around a horse so broke and reliable. He acts seasoned doing anything for the first time and never refuses. The whole family loves him.

John G. Sikura
Hill ?n? Dale Farms Lexington Ky.


This is a picture of ?Dirt? and I this summer? I bought him by phone sight unseen as a 5 year old in 1998 off your Labor Day sale? He is now 23 and doing great. Just thought I would pass it along Best wishes!

Dwight Doffin, Nebraska


All time record high selling mare. Purchased July 2015

I bought ?Tangled? sight unseen from the Twombly?s. I?d never heard of them until this mare came across my Facebook page thru Quarter Horse News. I fell in love at first sight and knew I had to have her. Upon speaking with John and watching her video obsessively I was absolutely sure this was the horse for me. When I received her she was a dream come true, everything John told me about her was true! In a nut shell she is the ?most right minded mare? I?ve ever met. She stays calm and collected in every circumstance and is willing to do anything I ask. I was treated like family by the Twombly?s. They were honest and willing to answer all my questions anytime I called. I would definitely buy another horse from them!!!

Susan Ponti, Washington


Dear Twombly Performance Horses: I am so happy with my mare that I purchased from you in Cheyenne Wyoming on July 25, 2015! I have taken her on horse camping trips and have ridden her on many trails. She is a good girl and I feel safe on her. I would highly recommend anyone to buy a horse from you and your family. She and I are bonding nicely and I am proud to call her mine. Thank you.

Kris Kittle from Goleta, California.

I bought my horse AND saddle from Twombly?s and I couldn?t be happier with both purchases. The saddle I bought is so comfortable I love it and I get a lot of compliments on it everywhere I go. I can?t say enough nice things about the gelding I bought. I?ve had my husband on him (who isn?t very comfortable with horses yet) and I?ve also had kids on him, no matter who crawls up in the saddle he takes perfect care of them. If your looking for your dream horse look no further I guarantee Twombly?s have him. They had mine! I will definitely be buying from them again!!

Nikki Ritter Nebraska

Purchased at our 2014 Vegas sale. Record high selling gelding!

This is my favorite forever horse, Buckles! Thanks to the Twombly family for making the purchase of him an easy event.

Lyle and Sharon Waggoner. Jackson, Wyoming.

Purchased at our 2013 Cheyenne sale.

We bought our 3 geldings Snine, Buckshot and Zander from the Twombly Horse Sale in Cheyenne in 2013. I cant begin to tell you how happy we are with these 3 boys! They have been on their best behavior since we put them on the trailer to bring them home from the sale. The first time we took them to a state park to go camping we had people try to buy them from us! Good thing they aren?t for sale! All 3 of them have become part of my family and we just love all of their personalities. It has been a blast riding these 3 exceptional geldings and we couldn?t thank your family enough. You welcomed us to your ranch and have been honest and so very helpful with picking out not only 1 but 3 horses to welcome into our family.

Thank you so much!

Mike Morris, Matt and Amanda Rombo. Indiana


Purchased at our 2014 Vegas sale.

Riding my Favorite horse ever. Smokey!

“Escorting American Pharaoh, Triple Crown Winner!”

Bob Baffert,




?We are so happy with our boys! We bought our first boy Dollar over the phone. He was so much more incredible in person than any picture or video that I had looked at. We were just so happy that we had to come to Cheyenne last summer, where we fell in love with Fabio and Gundeal. We are so grateful to the Twombly family for helping us find our new?faymily?members

?? Michele,



Purchased fall 2014

Thanks to the Twomblys for the most amazing horse. Bingos Greatest Win is my greatest gain. He has the most amazing personality and is like a large golden retriever ? always so happy to see me and as loving as can be! H?e is super well-trained to the point we are now not even riding with a bridle and saddle in the arena! The Twomblys have a great talent for picking beautiful quarter horses with great dispositions & smarts and talent ( Bingo is out of Smart Little Lena line). Great to have that sense of trust when you are buying a horse. Thanks again for this beautiful spirit!

The Henderson?s


Purchased spring 2014

Hello!! Just wanted to let you know Stipe is great!! He has been the perfect horse for our little family. He has had his share of cattle drives and just riding around the family farm and of course giving our little girl some rides! He is such a beautiful buckskin and we are so happy to have him! He has such a sweet personality. Thank you so much!

The Lundvall?s


I?rode the palomino today. He is awesome. What a great mind he has. Nothing bothers him. Class act. He is a little guy but rides like a big horse. I was buying him some tack today and ran into a lady that bought Gunner from you.? What a small world. It?s the best saddle horse I have ever bought. You guys do a great job on preparing these horses. So happy with my purchase. I have bought a lot of geldings for much more and had to give them away after riding them for a month. Thanks for all your help. You were right on this gelding. I will send you some pictures of him. My wife and little boy Bode loves him. She tweeted a picture on Bob baffert@ Midnightlute

Love my little palomino. I bought him for my 8 year old boy Bode to ride when he gets older. He named him Sunny because he is the same color as the Sun. You can see him in October 31 on NBC Breeders Cup races. The girl that does the interviews on horseback will be on him.

Bob Baffert,


Hi Ann, we made it back yesterday evening. The baby is settling in well and is very interested in his little friends. He is a beautiful boy and will be a lot of fun!
Thank you,


This is my granddaughter Avan Beiswanger. We were at a open show when pictures were taken. In 4-H she is a second year member. She was the reserve high point champion. Winning the reining against senior members, fifth in the versatilityagain against members. In her age group winning the barrels, poles, western riding. We sure all sure like him, and feel very fortunate to have a nice guy like this. Lots of compliments on him.

Halle on Cisco. Chester has been such a great horse for us. I try not to watch the girls when the are riding in the areana. They are standing on them, switching horses, walking under them. They really dont understand that you cant do that with a lot of horses.

We just wanted to share with you a few pics of him.? The very first time we rode him and we had 2 offers from people to buy him.? He is by far the best horse either of us have ever ridden.? Thank you for taking so much of your time to make such a perfect match for our family.? I can now go on a trail? ride , relax and enjoy it for the first time in a long time.? We are singing your praises in Maryland!? It did not take people long to figure out who he was and what we paid when they ask where we got him.?? We have had so many people ask already and it is a well deserved credit to your name that we felt was important that you receive.? We came to the decision that he is well worth the money, he makes us extremely happy and if anyone would like to look up an auction to see what we paid well that?s ok because we have a horse that is safe for our family and has already stolen our hearts.? We went for a ride around the lake yesterday and afterwards he played in the water with me like a big puppy.? I know that Dan said you do not have water to work with them but he walked right in the lake for me.? We started calling him Gunner and he comes to me when I call.



Thought you might like to see Cowboy (aka Playa) at the beach. He?s been most excellent about water, but the ocean was a little overwhelming at first for him. Didn?t take long to get him in though? he truly is a magnificent horse. Especially for a 4 yo. And he was born on my Dad?s birthday!

Had his teeth done, vaccinations and have just been loving him. We ride in the hills, on trails around Rancho Santa Fe, Ranch Sorting, now the beach. And I?ve been practicing throwing a rope off him.

It must have been hard for Dan to give this one up. I really like the single ear headstall, wide at the bottom with (?) turquoise colored beads or ??? on it? Do you have the name of the maker, and or where you bought it? Looks so good on a gray horse.

Thanks again for such a great experience, and wonderful horse.



Hi Dan, Ann and family

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for Dually. Everyone in this area has offered to take him off my hands.? We did win a summer series roping him and he?s great. We won a saddle and breast collar.? Please forward any info on any up coming sales you might be having.

Thanks again and hope all is well.


Alberta, Canada?

I just wanted to let you know that the horse we bought off of you sight unseen, TJ Nugget, won his first team roping check at a pro rodeo. He has just been the most amazing little horse. We couldn?t love him more. He is everything you said he was and MORE! Many people have wanted to buy him but, he will NEVER leave our place. We bonded immediately. Thank you again! We will be looking for another one shortly and will give you a call.


New York

I want to thank you for the two wonderful horses I have purchased at two different sales of yours. I bought both of them sight unseen on the Internet. Although Rawhide is gelded, he thinks he is a stud and acts like one, but when I throw my saddle on him and go out to check cows he is all business. He takes care of me and I love that about him. My husband rode him for the first time this year at a branding, Rawhide does his job and likes it! My other horse, Pearl?s Pretty Boy, I purchased him the same way. Tork as he was called was not one of the horses I picked but I got the best horse! I had only three rides on him when he had an accident. I do not know why he did what he did but I thought he was ruined. Somehow he got his right front leg caught between a Powder River gate and a railroad tie! His?right front was between rails and was resting on a rail. We had to take a saws all and cut the bolts to get him out, he stood perfectly still as we did this! His leg was caught just above the knee. He had a real bad place on his?right front leg, I had to wait till the next day to take him to the vet. It took a long time for him to heal but was so nice to doctor. This accident happened in late August of 2012 and today June 12, I brought him in, saddled him got on and he was just like when I bought him, a perfect gentleman!
Thank you very much for both of these wonderful horses.


Twombly Family,

When? I wanted to get back into team roping I knew I had to go to Twombly?s to find? the horse I needed. Twombly?s paired me up with ?Big Red?, an incredible 6 year? old dun gelding. I have had ?Big Red? for almost 3 years now and have loved? every minute of it.? I have won tons of? money and prizes on him and continue to win. He has incredible athletic? ability, a good mind, color and confirmation. He scores good, runs hard to a? cow, rates at the shot, sets? and logs? off perfectly. The Twombly Family has an incredible gift of picking the good? ones and training them up right. This ?Twombly horse? has taken me to the pay? window enough that he has probably paid for himself a couple times over.? Thank? you so much for pairing me with such an incredible horse! Keep up the good? work!?

Tyler? Schmick
Here? is a picture of me (heading) winning money at the USTRC Nebraska Finals this? year, and a couple other pics.

Hi Ann,
Thank you SO much!
I just wanted to thank you for working with us regarding Gunz. John is a very pleasant young man whose manners are impeccable.
I hope John arrived home safely as did we (at 12:15 a.m) this morning. It was a long day yesterday (850 miles is a long ride), but I believe well worth the effort. Gunz rode like a champ; I am truly impressed with his behavior.
I can?t tell you how exited and grateful I am to have Gunz. He has the most fantastic personality and gentle nature. I absolutely adore his small, sturdy stature! I?m short, so he and I are perfectly matched?
I was devastated when I lost my eight-year-old bay gelding on March 25; thought I would never find a horse as good as him. Well, I didn?t? found a horse BETTER than him. He is slicking out so nicely and I love the heart on his forehead. I went up yesterday to ride him for the first time and was blown away at how easy and fun it is to ride him. I actually find myself daydreaming (like a little kid) about spending time with him this summer. I am so looking forward to taking him on a trail rides!
I?ve attached a photo of us at my trainer?s? (Rudy) house. Excuse me for looking like a little pig; the wind was blowing between 45-50 miles per hour yesterday.

I?ll keep you posted on his transition to a shooting horse!
Thanks again,

Hi Ann and Tia,I thought I would let you know how the boy is doing.? I call him Smoky because of his registered name, but also because Smoky was my father-in-law?s favorite book and I adored my father-in-law.? Hard to believe but he knows his name already and always lifts his head when I call him, and sometimes even comes to me. He is wonderful?? I think he loves hanging with the other two geldings; they are on pasture 4-5 hours a day without their grazing muzzles and many more hours with them until the grass isn?t so lush. We have been on about 6-7 trail rides so far?mostly open space but a couple in the foothills.? I don?t have to tell you how he was?he is so easy-going and willing to do anything.? The only thing that seemed new to him so far was a wooden bridge over a rushing river.? He looked at it and said ?I don?t think so? but then looked some more and said ?what the heck?? and sort of tip-toed over it.? We did it 4 more times and then he got bored??He is walking out much more and I could lope or trot on him all day, he is so smooth. I can?t remember if I told you, but I bought Smoky because the mare I have had for 17 years had been lame since January and after many, many tests and treatments, we weren?t sure if she would be sound but the vet thought it might be another 6 months to a year.? She was magnificent and had the heart the size of Texas?there was no place she wouldn?t go and no mountain too big for her. I had to put Banner down a week ago today after a horrendous 16 hour battle with one of the worst cases of colic I have ever seen.? No words can express how sad I am.? She has been out my back door for 17 years and whinnied every morning when I opened the door to let the dogs out. Obviously I am not really connected to Smoky yet, and I couldn?t even bear to ride until last night.? I am so glad I did. We had a great sunset ride and I am very happy I have him. Smoky has a wonderful home.? I hope you will come say hello (we have three extra bedrooms) anytime you are anywhere near here?Denver is only 25 min. away. ?Please say hi to John and Dan for me.? Have a great summer.

Lee Hill?Colorado

Hi Ann, The sale horses look wonderful. I wish I could be there for this sale. I will be in the market this time next year though so keep me in mind. ?Rustic? is doing really well. I have sent a couple of photos of my 82 year old dad with him ( pardon the fact that Rustic needs his bridle path clipped!). Everyone loves Rustic. He turns heads every where he goes. I can?t wait to buy my next one. I will be looking for something a little older next time with some more of your excellent training in him. Every time I see the videos of your horses working bridleless, I am in awe. ?Rustic? is doing really well and we started him showing Western Pleasure in Aug. His first show he placed 1st in his class. We were so proud of him. He was so calm and quiet with the whole experience. In the future we would like to do some reining with him, but for now we are just working on simpler things. He?s going to another show this weekend. I will try to get a good photo of him for you. He looks fabulous! He is a little too much for my dad to handle (now that he is slowing down at 82) so I would really like to find another one with a little more miles on it for him. Please keep me in mind for a Papa Smurf like horse. Something under 15 hands. Thanks so much and good luck with sale!

Update: I just wanted to let you know Blue Chip Bueno was a huge hit at the Lancaster Fair horse show. It?s one of the bigger shows here in New Hampshire. It?s a 4 day event and quite a tough test with all the excitement of the Midway rides, helicopters flying in and out, truck pulls (with roaring engines) going on around. ?Rustic? was fabulous. He behaved like a seasoned pro. He won Champion in his Western Pleasure divisions against a field of 12 Quarter horses, and even had to pinch hit some walk trot (English equitation/Pleasure) classes when the horse that had been scheduled to be used was too skittish to compete. The little girl who was on the show team needed a replacement and we went with ?Rustic? because he was being soooooo rock solid. He was wonderful and won Champion in walk trot pleasure and took Reserve Champion in equitation. Laura was so excited and so were her very proud parents. ?Rustic? was the star of the show and everyone is in love with him. He really saved the day for little Laura. I thought you would like to know. The photographer took some really good photos of him and I will send you some copies when I get them. Please keep in touch!?

Mary Zoll-Montoya?New Hampshire

Dear Twombly family, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to have the opportunity to own a horse like Pudge. I waited a couple of months before writing a testimonial to see how he would work out as a family horse. There are no perfect horses but Pudge comes as close to perfect as one could imagine.
We have been on trails with so many obstacles and he is willing to study the scary things with an intelligent attitude. I have purchased a number of horses using the checklists experts recommend. Interestingly, I bought Pudge over the internet via a bid submittal since we could not attend the sale. And Pudge turned out to be the nicest and most well-behaved horse we have ever owned. I now attribute this to your reputation as good-hearted horsemen and women with an eye for good equine partners for folks like us.
After speaking to Dan and Ann over the telephone about a prospect for our family, my intuition was right to work with you and what you stand for as people who walk a Christian life.?

I only write opinions which I can honestly support 100% and this testimonial is reflective of how happy we are to own Pudge. He honestly is my dream horse.
May God bless your family with many years of happy trails,
Mary and Jerry Holm
Washingtonp.s.? The picture I submitted shows our daughter who used to be frightened of horses riding Pudge and who now has an abundance of confidence Pudge instilled in her.? Now she and I can ride together and that makes for a fun family day!

August 4, 2009 Dear Twombly Family, Thought you might like to see some pictures of Cal on the colt we bought from you last fall, Docs Bronze Crown. I knew when I picked him out and Cal didn?t say no, that he was going to be special.? He is truly going to be a great all-around horse. From roping, ranch work to pleasure riding, anything you want to do on him he will gladly do.? However, you had better be prepared to do it quickly.? Yet, he is quite and easy to be around. Last week we were lucky enough to be able to attend a ?Chris Cox 3 Day Intermediate and Advanced Horsemanship Clinic?.??

It was held in Corvallis, Montana, only about three hours from us.? We have wanted to attend one of his clinics for a long time, we think so highly of Chris?s abilities, but Texas is such a long haul.? Cal and Crown did such a great job.? Lonsum went too, but the very long and hot days were too much for my lungs.? The 8-hour days were very intense.? There were only 20 people in the class and Cal and Crown learned so much.? At the end of the 3 days, Chris Cox gave a $250.00 award to the horse and rider who advanced the most.? Many factors were taken into consideration, but Cal and Crown won the award.? I cannot tell you how proud I was of the two of them.? I cried like an idiot.? Dan, Cal has the same goofy look on his face as when I bought Lonsum Valentine from you.? So many people came up to both of us all weekend asking where did we get Crown.? We told them about all three of the horses we have bought from you over the years and how we could not be more pleased with them and you guys. All three of the horses are different, but Lonsum is still the ?top dog? and my beautiful baby.?

The buttermilk buckskin is big and tough and is great on the ranch.? Dan, I gave your web site address and phone number to quite a few people and told them how great you and the whole family are. It does not look like we will be able to make the fall sale.? Although, we really wish we could.? We think it?s great you are having the sale at the ranch.? Please send Cal a catalog as he is already wearing out the computer looking at your web site.Take Care, Vandee and Cal DeCoraIdaho

I bought my dream horse from Dan and Ann Twombly approximately 15 years ago. I still have him, and he is the best horse in the world. He has looks and personality, and you can do just about anything on him. Everyone who sees him and interacts with him falls in love with him.
I?ll never forget one horse camping trip we took with one of the most experienced old horsemen I ever knew. He was a man of few words, but after observing my horse throughout the week, he laughed and shook his head and said, ?That is the cutest horse I have ever seen!? His personality is a total crack up. He makes us laugh all the time. He is more like a big dog in some ways and even very humanlike. He loves to stick his head into the dressing room of our trailer and snoop around, and he is always interested to see what is in our lunch sacks when we take a break on the trail. He is so smart that it is easy to forget that he is a horse. We keep our horses right near our house. Tombstone (or Bubba, as we often call him) stands as close to our master bedroom as he can early in the morning, and as soon as he hears a cough or a toilet flush he lets out the loudest whinney you ever heard. I always say it is like having a very loud rooster. He really enjoys his food, and he starts ?rakin? that tin cup across those iron bars? when his internal clock goes off or he thinks we have finally gotten our lazy selves out of bed in the morning. There were a few times when he got tangled up in rope and also some fence wire one time. On every one of those occasions, he stood and waited for someone to come help him get loose. He even hollered (whinnied) for us to come and bail him out! He never goes berzerk in a situation like that. Well, I could go on and on about my horse, but I better quit here. Thanks again to all of you. I cannot believe your children are that old! My how time flies! I hope they are still riding horses. When they were little, they could ride better than most adults I know.?

I have ridden this horse over some of the roughest country in the American West, and he just keeps goin?. My horse is about 21 years old now, but he is still amazing. When I hear some of the horror stories people tell about being cheated on a horse trade, I thank the Lord that I bought my first and only horse from Dan & Ann. I remember they told me I could bring him back for any reason back then, but there is no amount of money I would take for that horse? just ask my husband. Thanks Twombly?s ? you know horses!
The Heinrichs

Dear Twombly Family:
Last year I came to your place after your spring sale and completed a transaction for ?Otter?, trained by Alies. I can?t begin to tell you how much this horse means to me. He is a true companion with great desire to please me in all aspects of riding and training methods. I was told by al old friend of mine that, in a persons life,you may find only one or two good horses. Otter encompasses all I could ever desire.Everyone that comes in contact with him is truly impressed by his demeanor, intelligence and his contact with me. I just wish I had purchased him when I was 28 instead of 58! But, we will grow old together. Perhaps in the near future I will find a companion for him from your barn, for for our barn.
Thanks again for your professionalism, honesty and your desire to pass along to your customers great quality horses.
Don Clark

Dear Ann,Been meaining to touch base for some time, but you know how summers go with a 5 year old and a 2 year old girl to chase. Demon ?aka Bruiser? has found a home. I?ve not gotten a chance to put much time in or haul him around, but what we?ve done at home and how he has acted with Gracie has been just what we were looking for. Alies has doen a fantastic job in getting him to this point, he goes where you want and the trip doesn?t bother him. He arrived as advertised and we are looking forward to getting to know him the rest of the summer and coming fall. Thanks again for all your help thru this process. It?s nice to know there are folks like you out there.

Bill Sage

Dear John
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Jaybirds Bueno Guy. (Lot #49). I brought him to a little local show yesterday and arrived late and just had time to saddle him before entering the arena.He rode into the arena like a horse twice his age and experience. It was just a little pleasure class and he didn?t win but I was very proud of the way he handled the situation. You did a fabulous job starting this guy. Thanks John, this little gelding is a keeper.?Diane Steele

Dear Alies, Just wanted to ?Thank You? for all of your help answering my questions during your sale and letting me know which horse would workout best for me.
I?ve really enjoyed my new horse ?Reno? better known by all of you as Rusty. I felt Reno fit him since it was such a gamble going to Wyoming and picking out a horse and driving home ? all by myself. He is working out just great! I?ve been collecting him up so that he now picks up his leads on the first beat. We will be moving over 800 head of cattle off of wheat Thursday and Friday and shipping them to our ranched in the Flint Hills. I can?t wait to use Reno!! Thanks again.?Kimberly Dauner

Ann and Dan, ?We made it home last night at 1 AM. We were going to stay somewhere along the way and arrive today, but, we decided to make it a 16 hour trip. This filly has done a great job, seeing as she has been on a horse trailer since 9AM Friday, with little break in between.? We really enjoy her. I have to admit that we have had some bad ?ranch raised? experiences. This filly, however, has been kind, gentle, willing, and easy to be around. She was standing and then ?begging? for the curry comb this afternoon. ?Apparently, your weather is following her. After she arrived in Arizona, we were hit with high winds, snow, then heavy rain. On our trip home, we hit a sandstorm in Barstow, Ca. with 70 MPH headwind, 60 MPH headwind and snow in Tehachapi, Ca., almost zero vis fog the last 100 miles home. We then woke up this AM, to a highly unusual 3-4 inches of wet snow. (Glad we came in last night, as they shut the highway down).

Rocking 40 Enterprises
David and Sherry Oncale

Hi Ann & Dan !!
Thanks so much for responding to our question about Ducky ! We have been tossing around all kinds of names for this gentle giant?. and the name ?Ducky? has grown on us. I guess that is going to be his name !! I wanted to write to you to tell you about the first few days with Ducky. It started with his ride to California. The hauler broke down in Arizona and his truck was hauled to the dealer. It was late so the guy called a friend of his who came and got Ducky and brought him to his ranch. We were so disappointed and so worried about the horse. The dealer told him it was going to cost over $8000.00 to get his truck going. He said no way and bought a new truck. It then took another day to put on the hitch on so he could tow the trailer. It seemed to take forever to get to our home in California. We waited up all night and he arrived on a cold windy rainy night at 3:30 am. We ran down to meet him and Ducky came out very very scared with his eyes bugged out !! I thought OH NO! I took him up to the barn and got him in his stall and of course he peed right away. He was really hungry too ! The next morning we got up like it was Christmas morning and ran to the barn. We let Ducky out in the arena and he went nuts!! And I thought OH NO! He has a huge buck. Back and forth bucking !! This went on for a few days. We waited one week before?

my daughter was brave enough to get on the big boy. He was PERFECT!!!! He has been oh so wonderful since that day. This was my husbands idea to buy this horse and I knew nothing about it until he was bidding. I believe we are blessed! This horse fits so perfectly in our family. I will have John send you some pictures of him. He sleeps in a large box stall with shavings every night and we open his door in the morning to a very large turnout area. He has a best friend? our other horse ?Hollywood? and 2 miniatures horses he seems to think are pretty funny. He has a wonderful life with us. We just want to say Thank-You very much for your honesty. We truly love Ducky !!!!!!!Thank-You
Toni & John

Hi Alies. This is Melissa ? I am the one that bought ?Monster,? the blue roan gelding this last fall. I just wanted to drop you a line to update you on the best horse in the world. I meant to send you a Christmas card but I just never quite got my act together.
Anyway, Blue is doing terrific. I am boarding him at a beautiful stable on the south side of Denver with access to lots of trails and facilities. We haven?t been doing much riding lately because it always seems to be eaither too icy, too muddy, or too cold & windy, but I do take him for long jogs (I?m training for a marathon) just to keep him in shape and give him a change of scenery.
The picture I attached is of him and his best friend Luke on one of our walks last week at their stable. He is an absolute sweetheart, so willing to please, and I?m just really enjoying him.
Thank you so much for all the work you did with him, and with our sales transaction. Hope all is well.?

Melissa Horn

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me on the phone today regarding what horses you currently have available. I am a truly SATISFIED CUSTOMER and am hoping to be a REPEAT CUSTOMER.
I can?t say enough about the horse I bought from you last January. We LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM He has been a highlight to each and everyday of my life since we purchased him. Still a stallion and as peaceful as any gelding under normal circumstances.?

Thanks for selling us such a great horse and friend. You and your family were completely honest and forthright about my horse and he was EXACTLY AS REPRESENTED.
I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a better quality horse that will have a lot of shape, quality and eye appeal.
Thanks so much for setting a standard for sellers!
Angela Mings
Columbia, MO

I bought ?Ace?, Zan Its Two Eyed, at the auction in Torrington. Of the hundred+ horses I have owned or rescued, he is the one I have waited for my whole life. He turned two the day after I bought him, and one week later he went into training. Mel Dahl in Jackson, Wyoming, had him the first two months, and then I turned him over to Grant Golliher, the Horse Whisperer in Buffalo Valley, Wyoming.He has had him one year, and is absolutely in love with him. Ace is extremely intelligent, very easy to train, very, very willing to learn, and so calm about anything you expose him to. His temperment is the best I have ever experienced. He loves to chase cows, and does so at every opportunity!! We are training him for all events in the World Show, and letting him show us his strongest interest.?

I want to thank you again for the wonderful colt you sold me. Zan It colts are, in my opinion, the best on today?s market. I have several friends who went to your spring sale, and to yesterdays sale, and they have all bought Zan It colts. I am doing my best to spread the word about the quality of his offspring.
Thank you for my amazing horse, and making a lifelong dream come true!!
Vikki Howell
Jackson, Wyoming

Ann, George got word from Tia that you were asking for pictures of Cinch. Rebecca is in love with Cinch and has had a wonderful summer.?

I?ve got lots of ?cute? stories about Rebecca & Cinch. She is doing real well at the horse shows. Thanks for a wonderful horse!



Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed being a part of your sale. We had attended in years past as potential buyers and as spectators, but never as a seller. Everyone was very gracious and helpful. We felt your auctioneer did a great job selling all of the horses on the sale. Now, not only can we recommend your sale to anyone looking for a good horse, we can also recommend to anyone looking to sell a good horse! We?ve never sold on a sale like this before, and Ann was great answering all of our questions as we were getting ready. Once we were at the sale, we were blown away by how friendly and helpful people were. It shows what a quality sale you have. We?re looking forward to the next one! Best wishes,
Brenna Fong

Hi Ann & Dan ?
Would you please send us a spring sale catalog. Cal has been drooling over your internet catalog and would like to see a hard copy. It just doesn?t seem to matter how many good horses we have, there always seems to be room for more. I had hoped to be able to send you some spring branding pictures by now of Lonsum, but the weatherhas been to cold to start branding yet. I LOVE MY BOY!!! He is wonderful. He?s quiet and sweet with me, and Cal uses him a little on the ranch and really likes him. He roped a few calves last week with him and was impressed. He teases me that Lonsum is so spoiled, he is and I love him. I can?t tell you how many people Cal has told about your sale and how impressed he was. We have good horses in Idaho and we own a few of them, but your sale was very impressive. Maybe we?ll see you this fall.?

Thanks again,
Vandee and Cal

?ETERNAL POWER BEE? SOLD AT 2005 SPRING SALE Dan, I wanted to let you know how great Brim is doing, time has rushed by with many trail miles and chasing some cows. It seems like I have owned him for years but it has only been four months. Everyone that asks about him can?t believe I bought him over the internet sight unseen. It is a great testament to you and your quality program. Thank you for spending time with me on the phone and helping me choose the right horses to bid on. I tell everyone about your sale and how great it turned out for me.

Thank you,



ZAN IT COLT SOLD AT THE 2005 SPRING SALE ?ZAN ITS MIRACLE? We are really enjoying Miracle. He is so awesome. I think you might get a lot of business in the future. He is by far one of the nicest colts in the East. People are seeing it & asking lots of questions. We laid over in Indiana on our way home from getting him from Dan. We competed there at a USTRC roping. I rode Miracle around each day after the roping was over. They left the cattle in the pen & we got him acquainted with them. He is going to be a real good cow horse. He has presence about him that seems like he knows what the cow is going to do, even before the ole cow does. We like that a lot. One fellow there at the roping, was a performance horse trainer. He was blown away with the fact that he was only two. He looks, acts & performs like at least a 4yr old. We?re great friends with Charlie Daniels Ranch foreman. He wanted to buy Miracle for Charlie. I had a few other offers, but I just told folks we had some pretty big plans for the colt. Miracle is a true gentleman & we love him to pieces. However we don?t spoil him. He?s getting better all the time & I think he has what it takes to go all the way. Shawn Flarida moved to Ohio. He would have rode him for us, but I didn?t want to send him that far right now. It?s important that we have a horse left after reining, because we’re planning on getting JD Yates to put head/heel & calf roping on him. Mike McIntyre is 40 min. from us, I think he?s currently ranked third in the world in reining. We?re planning on getting him to ride Miracle. That way we can monitor his progress. Meanwhile, while he?s waiting to go to Mikes, were continuing his education in reining & using him around the ranch to work cows. He is a true joy to be around. Everyone should know how nice Zan It foals are. I?m going to the McQuay Stables web site to let Tim & Colleen know how nice Zan Its colts are. They love to hear about the Dun It get. Thanks again for all the help over the past two & 1/2 years. My Miracle was worth the wait. THANK YOU so much for such a great horse. I?m truly blessed by God to have him.

God Bless!
Michelle Broadway
North Carolina

Twombly Family:Just wanted to let you know that the little buckskin we bought a week or so ago, is doing well. Would like to especially thank John for the ?handle? he put on him. In the limited riding done so far, he has been a pleasure to ride. Good mind, well mannered, moves out freely, and is not spooky of things, considering he is just a three year old. It is obvious that Dan has a good eye for good horse flesh with good minds on them.

Well done and thanks.

Norm Lutter

Ann and Dan,Smoky has really turned out to be more than what we expected. We knew he could rope both ends since we saw him do it at the sale. Tyler and Smoky have been doing real well in open team roping events. Last year they entered high school rodeo in the team roping. This year he wanted to try calf roping and had Kit Winfield help him and Smoky. Smoky has taken to it like it was natural for him. He works the rope beautifully and now does team roping, calf roping, and steer stopping. David won?t be ready for high school rodeo for two years, however, he is participating in two associations in his 13 and under age group. He and Latigo were high point all around at the last rodeo and the one before he was second in calf tying, third in calf touching and fourth in steer stopping. They are both doing well with their horses and are looking to get involved in more events, Tyler in cutting and David in calf roping. Both of the horses have done more than we anticipated when we got them and have an attitude thats hard to find just as you advertised.?

We got the catalog yesterday and Tom has been looking to see what you have that we can go two ways with. He wants to know what you think about lots?

25, 30 and 45. You have always been honest and up front with us and have worked with us to get us to this point in the kid?s lives.
Thanks a lot.

Dee Cameron
Nipomo, California

Dear Dan & Family;? Merry Christmas to you all & a thank-you for selling us Steel. We have changed his name to Riley, after a kind & sweet natured man we know from Oklahoma. The trip home went really well, what a good little traveler, ate & drank everything we put in front of him. We put in two 10 hour days & one 14 hour day with the border & ferry ride.The weather held out for us, blue sky?s and dry roads all the way home. Our first night was spent in Livingston, Montana, the second night was in Ellensburg, Washington.The third day was a long one, we needed to have an International health certificate in order to cross the border, so we had an hour wait in Washington for the Vet, then the border crossing, which went well, the line ups were not as long as the red tape.Then the ferry ride, which is an hour & 45 minutes, most horses are wide eyed and nervous first time aboard, but not Riley, put some hay in front of him & life can?t be any better, he?s such a good boy.Then we have a two hour drive up the Island to home. We have a small acreage with 3 other horses, Riley is living with a 23 year old sorrel mare, which we have bordered here, my other 2 geldings are in the next field over, We have a lovely dark bay paint with really nice markings, about the same size as Riley, and a big beautiful strawberry roan, which Bob likes to head off. The gray fits in quite nicely with all our color. We have been home for a good week now & Riley is definitely worth the long drive.We?d like to say a special thank-you to Alisa, John & Tia for all their help in showing us all their horses, a job well done. If you ever find yourselves wanting to see Vancouver Island, please look us up, Bob would love to take you all fishing.
Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Bob & Marie Main
Vancouver Island

Dear Dan & Family,

Thank You for putting on such a nice horse sale. My friend and I first attended your sale in April 2002 and purchased some great horses. ?Okie? was from your ranch and what a nice gelding he is. My 4 year old daughter rides him and he is such a patient horse. We liked the quality of horses so much that my husband and I returned for your Sept 2003 sale and purchased a few more. The diposition on my Zanit weanling is fantastic. She is so willing to do everything and ?Rodeo? is a great horse also.Thank you for your hospitality and for?helping us get our horses back to California.

To: Dan and Family,

I drove from Atlanta, Georgia to the April 21, 2002 sale. When I visited your farm on Saturday before you got back, I was greeted by Alies and shown all the horses I was interested in. Your daughter did an excellent job answering my questions and representing your family?s sale. I felt very welcome to visit your arena and meet you and your family. I was lucky enough to be the high bidder on Lot 30 ?Coyote?. I had no idea how lucky I was until I had him home for a few days. In the roping arena, he is the finest head horse I have ever ridden, quick, catty, fast, calm in the box, pulls, faces, you name it. Two days after I got home I put one of my adult riding students on him. What a pup, laid back and babysitting. He is very easy going and easy to be around which you know. Thanks so much for everything and please call if you?re ever in Atlanta.?

Mike Evans

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Dan & Ann,?

Tom & I wanted to send you a note to let you know how very very happy we are with our horse BJ (the paint) that we bought from you in August. We absolutely love him. He is gentle and well mannered. Buying sight unseen is kind of scary, but we are totally happy with him. Tom is riding him now, but my 20 year black Gelding is slowing down & I hope Tom will pass him on to me when the time comes. We would definitely like to buy another horse from you if you have more like BJ. Please send us your catalogs and up coming sales. We don?t have a lot of money to spend but the range BJ was in works for us. I enclosed a couple of pictures a friend took of him with her daughter in Sept./Oct. Tom thinks he?s grown some in the last couple months. He is beautiful as well as sweet. Thank you again.?

We will wait to hear from you!
Tom and Julie Mesenbrink
Burnsville, MN

First of all I wanted to say thank you. I could not be happier about the horse I purchased at your Spring sale. As you know he was the one I wanted all along and believe he is the gelding I have been looking for the past several years. It was worth the 1300 mile trip. The only thing that made the whole experience better for me was to be able to deal with such honest, straight forward, considerate, knowledgeable, nice people like the two of you. You treated me like family from the minute I arrived and I am old enough to appreciate that sort of hospitality in a business atmosphere such as the sale. I consider myself fortunate to have dealt with such good people. I will recommend you to all horse people I know. I will stay in touch about my progress with Shadow (LynX) but I fully expect to have a spectacular summer of roping on this horse.?

Thanks again,

Jim Crittenden Washington

I can?t begin to tell you how happy I am with Leorolas Playboy aka Leo. He is worth every bit of the 3800 miles I drove to find and bring him home. My family and friends still can?t believe I went on this crazy adventure by myself ? just to buy a horse. But when I talked to Dan and he said he had about 20 geldings for me to look at ? I thought why not. It seemed to me, I was bound to find the perfect horse. I wasn?t having much luck at home. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. I thoroughly appreciated your honesty and straight forwardness. Your horses are exactly what you say they are. Not to mention you took time out of your busy schedule to show me some of the local sights. Leo is everything I hoped for and more. He and I are having a great time figuring each other out. I am sure we will have many great adventures together. I have recommended you to all my friends and have?

several who have asked when I am going back out your way with my trailer. Thanks again for everything. I will keep in touch and let you know how Leo is making out in Virginia.
Stephanie Hobson
Windsor, VA